Cacao Buzz Balls


bliss balls

Cacao Buzz Balls:
So I kind of made this recipe up as I went, but there is a lot of room for exploration. have fun with it and make your own flavors!

BASE [obviously organic &/or raw if you have the choice!] :
cacao nibs or cacao paste (about 50g)
2 bananas
3 teaspoons coconut oil (aceite de coco)
1/2 cup raisins (pasas)
3 tablespoons tahini

-In your vitamix or food processor mix all ingredients to make a thick paste
-mix this paste into a big bowl with filler/stiffener of choice:
-chopped nuts/raisins
-shredded coconut
-shredded carrot
-hemp/chia seeds or dried fruits….whatever!

-roll into bite sized balls or shape like a dinosaur, however you prefer it.
-store in the freezer

These flavors shown are:
-ginger/tumeric/bee pollen

NO NEED FOR SUGAR! These are SOOOO naturally sweet with raisins & bananas, if you’d like add honey to taste, but probably won’t need them any sweeter. If you have them available where you live raisins can also be substituted for figs, dates or prunes. ENJOY! make enough to share or be prepared to eat through all of them in a day or two.