2013: Resolve or Affirm?


Resolution:  a formal expression of opinion or intention made; the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness

Affirmation:  the assertion that something already exists or is true

What criticism of the Self have you arrived at in the formation of your New Year’s resolution this year?  Does 2013 have you getting on your own case about your smoking, your diet, your drinking, or your lack of an exercise regimen?  Are you already beating yourself up because you skipped yoga class / bailed on a social event / weren’t as patient as you said you would be, you promised you would change this time? 

Dude…sorry…but F that!!!

This self-deprecation doesn’t help you and it certainly doesn’t work for anyone around you.  Be nice to yourself and allow the Self to grow through being nurturing, loving and kind; in turn you may find that your Self is more capable of being nice to, sharing and connecting with others around you.  This year, I vowed to make an AFFIRMATION and threw the RESOLUTIONS out the window.  I guess I resolve to bail on resolutions. 

I refuse to focus on every flaw and instead vow to find those pieces of myself that shine, recognize them, show them some gratitude and then work to more deeply evolve these little shiny specks of my Self.  Those pieces are already in me, they already shine.  I vow to deepen their luster. Light My Fire

My affirmations and mantra for 2013:

I am an effective and sought after Teacher.  

My Self Study continues to progress.

I gracefully balance Work and Play. 

This is my assertion; it is what exists, what is true and what is already there within me.  In 2013 I give my light permission to shine.   This little light of mine…I’m not just gonna let it shine, I give it permission to explode!  I urge you all to do the same.

Written and published by Kristin Gilbert Ramirez of OM Puerto Viejo, January 2013.