Yoga + Flash Mob = Unbelievable FUN!


September 26, 2011

Apparently this whole Flash Mob thing has been quite a worldwide hit for some time now.  However, due to being hidden away in the jungles of Costa Rica it’s a rather new phenomenon for me; a rather new and more than slightly addictive phenomenon.  I dedicated over an hour of my life last week in ONE SITTING to watching flash mobs from all over the world perfom on YouTube.  Really?  Somebody tell me please, just WHAT IS IT about watching a large, pre-organized group of people doing yoga, singing, dancing, standing frozen, kung fu fighting, booty shakin’, conga lining or laying down in public places, unbeknownst to the passersby that just makes you smile and gives you hope for all of humanity?  Is it the pure sense of joy the crowd experiences?  The sense of “togetherness” involved in pulling off the feat?  Is it the hope it instills in the ability as a human race to pull together and do something GOOD and FUN?  Or is it just plain funny to watch the “outsiders” try to figure out what the hell is going on?  Well, whatever it is, Flash Mobs bring a smile to my face and make me feel that there ARE indeed some good people in the world. 

On August 18th, 2011 two of my favorites, Yoga + Flash Mobs, came together to join forces!  In celebration of her 40th birthday one of my all-time favorite and fiercest instructors, Sadie Nardini, organized an all female Yoga Flash Mob made up of ENTIRELY 40 year+ Yogini’s.  With a slogan “Body by Yoga” these women Sun Salutationed and OMed their way into the public eye at New York City’s Time Square.  Their goal (aside from having fun, of course) was to demonstrate the anti-aging, confidence and overall health benefits of a strong yoga practice.  Impressive, ladies! Namaste.And check it out here: my favorite Flash Mob EVER: Swedes flocking together in Stockholm in a tribute to Michael Jackson.  They have some moves that LITERALLY stop traffic!

Puerto Viejo or San Jose, Costa Rica hula hooping flash mob???  Who’s with me? Huh?  HUH???

Written and published original work of Kristin Gilbert Ramirez of OM Puerto Viejo.