Yoga to Enhance Creativity & Expression


September 23, 2011

In celebration of Puerto Viejo’s annual arts and culture festival, ArteViva, OM offered a free yoga class workshop to the community this morning.  The theme of our class (chosen in cooperation with the beautiful overall message of the festival) was: Yoga for Enhancing Our Creativity & Expression.  The three major chakras strengthened on our journey toward this goal were:

The Sacral Chakra – Svadisthana:  The seat of our creativity, passion, sexuality and ruled by the element water; our ability (or inability) to “go with the flow” resides here.  Just as water adapts when it meets rocks in the river, nourishing our creativity helps us mentally adapt and change direction when we come to a roadblock in our planning and creative processes in life.

The Heart Chakra– Anahata: The heart chakra is our center of intuition, feeling, emotions, love and where we build our connections or relationships with those around us.  Feeding our heart chakra helps us to express and create from a space of gratitude, compassion, grace and love with the entire world surrounding us.

The Throat Chakra– Visuddha:  The communication center.  Our throat chakra controls our ability to find our truth, speak our needs and express ourselves in a complete and clear manner.  Connection between our creativity and expression is the winning combo for finding an overall sense of balance and truth in life; it facilitates a feeling of being noticed and, most importantly, being understood.

 In focusing on these primary areas we attempted to avoid as a class a too Rajasic practice, or over emphasis on effort or zeal, that is.  This type of Asana practice can detract us from our creativity.  Instead we chose the path of free form Asanas and a selection of flowing Vinyasas.  Using inversions to give us a new perspective (they literally change our view of the world) and combining twists to wring out ego and renew with fresh energy; we peppered the practice by frequently revisiting a writing prompt.  During relaxation or rest postures we worked on one piece of the prompt at a time and by the time the practice came to a close had covered the following ground:

1.)    What inspires YOU?  (in one word)

2.)   Now give a little more detail….

3.)   I feel inspired most when I….. (Activities?  Habits?)

4.)   Who or what do I create inspiration for? 

So between our backbends, twists and turns, seeing the world upside down and inside out, we also made time to look within and feed the fire of our inspiration. 

Have you thought about YOUR inspiration today, this week, this month?  What inspires you and WHY?  How can you bring more of it into your life?  Answer these questions and unleash your inner artist, your ingrained innovator, your ever-present problem solver. Enhance the way in which you express yourself to the world around you – we all want to see it because YOU have something to say!!  Something unique and special that you, yes ONLY YOU can offer. 

Viva el momento!  Viva el Arte!  And Viva el Festival ArteViva!  Enjoy the rest of the community festival ArteViva and don’t forget: express yourself as part of YOUR community, no matter where in the world you are.


Written and published originally by Kristin Gilbert Ramirez of OM Puerto Viejo