Mulhadhara: Ignite Your Root



If you’re feeling lethargic, tired, nervous or weak you might need to kick start your Root Chakra.  I started looking into it when I asked a friend why she thought I might be such a jumpy person.  When visitors enter my house with a friendly “hello” it sends me practically jumping out of my skin if I don’t see them coming from afar.  I almost threw a gallon of paint on the floor yesterday when I walked through a curtain and came face to face with a buddy.  She might as well have spread her arms and screamed “BOO!” for the effect it had on my nervous system, but no, she had offered a meek “what’s up?”  I had reasoned that it might be due to the fact that I’m so focused at any given point on my tasks, but the friend I asked is a fellow Reiki practitioner and seemed to think it might be the need for more grounding.  And I listened! 

The Root Chakra in balance gives us a feeling of being centered, rooted, here and now.  We will be able to connect effectively with ourselves and others, stay grounded and take care of our own health and well-being.  It also gives us a general sense of successful survival, support and security.  To bring yourself back into this balance try: working with your hands, especially with the earth such as in sculpture or gardening, physical exercise, going out to dinner, walk with bare feet, connect with the earth element, charity or volunteer work (helping others with their survival) or playing a physical or raw, hands-on game (sex, perhaps?! Or dance…), eat root foods (potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips), give some money to a charity or other worthwhile cause, or receive a foot massage.

Although it’s nice to focus on our higher realms, it’s equally important for us to stay firmly rooted as it is for us to simultaneously get lifted.  Try these affirmations:  I am safe and secure.  I am grounded and balanced.  We all know a plant cannot grow whose roots have not been nourished, send your foundation a good feeding to support the whole system.

“When the root is strong the fruit is sweet”Bob Marley
Written and published original work by Kristin Gilbert Ramirez of OM Puerto Viejo