Viva la Independencia!


Costa Rica finds a reason to celebrate today!  Well, we’ve got plenty of reasons down here equator way to celebrate: sunshine, simple living, yoga, healthy eats…the list goes on and on!  But today, TODAY is extra special!  It’s Independence Day and everything is red, white and blue.  CR FlagThe school children and most public service jobs enjoy a day off, everyone dons the traditional garb and there are parades galore with drumming and singing and raising the flag.  Last night we saw the annual running of the “freedom torch” in front of our house under the watchful eye of a huge blood-orange moon.  This torch begins its journey in Guatemala and is carried by student runners all the way through to Costa Rica.  On this day in 1821 all of Central Traditional DressAmerica freed itself from under Spanish rule. 

So what did WE do here at OM in celebration?  Aside from whooping it up, cheering on the freedom torch and rooting for the student dancers, I mean.  Well, we dedicated our yoga practices to nurturing the independent spirit, of course!  See the following post to learn more about our peak pose from the morning practice and our dedication to our independent selves in our afternoon practice.  In the meantime, give yourself a moment of gratitude and appreciation – let your freak flag fly!  You are independent and unique and wonderful, you are you!  Viva la independencia!  Viva Costa Rica!  Viva la vida!  y Viva el momento! 

                                                         Pura Vida.