New Addiction! Retro Trend Alert: Fun Guaranteed.


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A few shots from a much needed beach day recently with a very dear friend. These were taken at Playa Chiquita, south of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. 

We are, have been and very likely will continue to be completely, fully, entirely ADDICTED to Hula Hooping!  Especially fun is to mix it in with Yoga Postures.  What?  You thought the hula hoop died out in the 1950’s?  No sir-ee!  The hula hula is alive and well…and GROWING in popularity worldwide.  Did you know this sport was once banned in Japan and Indonesia?  No hip-shakin’ allowed there!  And in addition to being a barrel of monkeys to play with, you’re working on over 30 core muscles at once.  Improve your dexterity, balance, grace, fluidity and flexibility all while shakin’ your money maker!  A circus favorite, modern Native American tradition, and festy kid must-have for years, the hula hoop shows no sign of decline.  If you don’t mind the occasional hip bruising, full core burn and sporatic face to hoop crash, well then I say, go for it!  VIVA LA HULA!

Vintage Hula Girl