Drought! EEK!


Another HOT and SUNNY day in the South Caribbean…not something most people would complain about and don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothin’ I love more than some good ol’ sunshine….BUT, we’ve officially been declared as being in a state of DROUGHT here in the South Caribbean.  Seas are flat and blue as sapphire, every body is looking fabulously brown, beach days abound, aaaaaand we all STANK somethin’ fierce.  Water & power outages, dusty dry – but yet still somehow oppressively humid.  Interesting combo.  Think I’ll take my dogs, my sarong, my friends and plunge into the bath water we’re calling the sea.  Hopefully I can take a shower when I get back and free myself up from the salty crust. If not I’ll just add another layer of sweat into the mix after this afternoon’s yoga class….I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the rains or lack thereof….