Who am I? Why am I here?


My first trip ever to Costa Rica was in 2004…the addiction officially started.  After a series of back and forth, to and fro, here I find myself permanently rooted smack dab in the middle of sunshine and daydreams, ocean breeze and takin’ it easy hammock style in Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Costa Rica.  I grew up on a farm in a small town in the rural state of Maine.  Many people are taken aback at my decision to uproot to a tropical locale just only slightly closer to equator-ville but, here I am!  In my life BPV (by that I mean Before Puerto Viejo for you clever ones, and NOT Benign Positional Vertigo) I was a high school Spanish teacher in rural Maine, volunteer for a variety of sports teams, committees, yoga club….volunteer everything and on top of that load I was always studying…. SOMETHING – psychology, massage, education, literature, creative writing, yoga, Reiki, art, professional Auntie-ing…you-name-it.  This mish-mash of life experience has planted me exactly where I’m supposed to be as the owner and operator of OM: a Yoga Studio & Retreat / Surf Camp / Hostel / Cafe & All-around-cool-spot with my amazing husband, PeacePeace.  Stay tuned here for updates on the business & events, and to snag a glimpse of what it’s really like when you pluck a girl out of the confines of the snowy north and set her loose in the tropics.  

 Published and written original work by Kristin Gilbert Ramirez of OM Puerto Viejo.